Directed Beam Seismic ©

U. S. Patent No. 8,077,547b2
Final Issue Date: December 13, 2011

· Universal improvement of signal:noise in land seismic recording
· Focuses the downgoing seismic energy beam on the target
· Enables dynamic aiming of the seismic energy beam at dipping targets
· Attacks noise at the source
· Suppresses groundroll interference

3D / 4D seismic exploration is the principal tool in the oil & gas industry to look for hydrocarbon traps and define producing reservoirs for development drilling, for all conventional plays and current unconventional shale plays. World-wide the seismic service market size is estimated to be $30 billion annually. Directed Beam Seismic© is a patented method to direct and focus the seismic source beam similar to the parabolic mirror on a flashlight, which directs and focuses the light beam. To visualize the benefit, remove the focusing mirror in the head of your flashlight from around the light bulb then switch on the flashlight. What results is a diffused 180° (or greater) spherical light energy beam, poorly illuminating what you are trying to see. This is the present day state-of-the-art with land seismic systems. Modern seismic sources, vibrators, input to the earth a diffused 180° spherical sonic energy beam, poorly illuminating what explorationists are trying to image in the subsurface.Directed Beam Seismic is an engineered method to create a “source parabola”, focusing or collimating the seismic energy beam. Like a flashlight, the energy beam can be focused downward to get more energy on the target, resulting in a better image. Like a flashlight, the focused energy beam can be aimed or vectorized at any desired angle in the subsurface to see steeply dipping targets like faults, thrusts and salt domes for example. The patented method combines the functions of seismic vibrator sources, precise individual vibrator positioning in 3D using GPS, along with vibrator “trigger” electronics. This combination allows seismic recording “system triggers” to be programmed using time delays, vibrator-to-vibrator, to create, shape and aim the source parabola.There are approximately 600 land seismic crews in the world, 300 of which the location and activity is reported by World Geophysical News on a monthly basis, another 300 known to be deployed but locations not reported. Using a licensing and revenue structure similar that for Mobil’s “High Fidelity Vibratory System” in the mid-1990’s, Directed Beam Seismic demonstrates revenue potential in excess of $100 million annually.For further information on technology licensing, contact Providence Technologies, Inc. Contact us for more information.

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