Direct Porosity

Pictured here is a Direct Porosity Detection Image from the Permian Basin South Cowden Field, Ector County, Texas. The field is a prolific producer from the San Andres and Grayburg reservoirs. This image locates areas of the field with productive porosity character (green)…below the scale of conventional seismic resolution… not in contact with present producing wellbores, illustrating significant economic bypassed potential.

The company has a nine-year R&D relationship with Sandia National Laboratories and a 3 year R&D relationship with Los Alamos National Laboratories, in New Mexico, focused upon computer technology development for modeling, recognition and processing of productive bypassed porosity in complex carbonate reservoirs. The system, developed with a “funds-in” contract from Providence to Sandia, combines geophysical, geological and engineering data into single 3D models, locating economic-sized bypassed porosity in producing reefs, below the scale of conventional seismic resolution. This tool is an opportunity for low-risk exploration in large producing complex carbonate reservoirs such as the Permian Basin’s Central Basin Platform and the Arabian Platform, including Ghawar Field, for example.

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