"...using, inventing, creating, combining technologies to see what has been bypassed or not seen before in the earth, ahead of the competition, creating distinct economic advantage for our clients and shareholders..."

Providence’s basic technologies are geophysical or seismic methods for energy exploration. Providence specializes in difficult area imaging and complex imaging problems such as overthrust imaging, subsalt and salt flank imaging, hard water bottom problems, and recording in source-generated noise environments.

· Computer Aided Modeling, Field Parameterization

· Seismic Recording Systems

· Seismic Data Processing

· Computer Aided Seismic Interpretation and Mapping

Providence provides seismic recording parameter study and modeling, pre-shoot, to measure and quantify optimum field recording geometry. Providence has specialized knowledge, parameter designs and thousands of recorded miles of experience in source-generated noise terrains, high Q terrains, overthrust subsurfaces and other difficult environments.

The Company has developed unique R&D resources with U.S. National Labs, leading universities and the former Gas Research Institute to deploy, develop and commercialize emerging seismic technologies.

Important emerging technologies include Direct Porosity Detection and Directed Beam Seismic©.

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