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Providence conducts multi-client, non-exclusive as well as exclusive seismic data programs for our clients worldwide. We have designed, parameterized, competitively bidded, contracted, supervised, operated, processed and delivered thousands of miles of 3D and high channel 2D reconnaissance seismic program in the United States, Yemen, India and other locations resulting in major discoveries and development drilling.

Providence’s non-exclusive seismic data for sale is located in the West Texas Overthrust Trend of the greater Val Verde Basin, Texas. The data are acquired over very difficult mesa country source-generated noise terrain. Providence innovated and designed robust acquisition parameters including noise reduction source and receiver arrays nested in 3D to help overcome the seismic problems and produce unequalled data quality here and in Yemen, exclusive work published in the professional journals, for Nexen (CanOxy).

Val Verde 3D (Pakenham and Val Verde merged volumes)
Terrell County, TX: 135 square miles

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Northern Val Verde 3D, Crockett County, TX: 17.8 square miles

Val Verde Basin 2D Swath Reconnaissance Program

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